The  Wool Spinning Lady on the Moray Firth Coast of Scotland.   
'Spinning Moon' Hand Spinning
on the Moray Firth Coast of Scotland.

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Spin spin spin!

 Create beautiful and unique yarn
 allow the motion of the wheel to bring peace into your life..

 create something new beautiful that is unique to you!
 Love the feel of the fleece through your fingers!

Love the whole process from sheep to garment and revel in the fact that it is uniquely yours!

 Join a class and meet like-minded people who also love spinning wheels and all things spinning...

 try a drop spindle most ancient form of making yarn...
 or a Navajo spindle, which is completely different and great fun to use!

 But be warned!!
 it is addictive!

...get in a spin

and have fun!

the spinning wheelHi!...This is Frances Green

I have been spinning yarn now for well over 40 years and am offering this website for others who wish to take up this ancient craft but find it difficult to find information, or  training.

NEWS...NEWS...NEWS.... Moray area of Scotland. Yarn spinning workshops & Group. Venue is likely to change from Huntly to Buckie for the rest of this year...

MORE...NEWS..Also I will be offering private 1-2-1 spinning tuition in my home this this page for more information and costs very soon. Spinning wheels for sale s/h.

 FOR SALE! I have one Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel for sale UK (see pic right) £220...and one antique Scottish Wheel (see below)for sale £200...price includes all the back up that you could possibly need! all in excellent order Maintained by Mr D (The Spin Doctor!)  Please contact me @ for more pic's spinning wheels

I know that there is a great deal of information these days on places like youtube. But sometimes we have questions that may be difficult to answer by scrolling through endless videos, and this is why I created this site, Besides which, being on youtube does not always mean that you are especially good at what you do, it can be very confusing at times!  

Latest yarn from Spinning MoonSpinning has changed a great deal since I started over 40 years ago,  at that time if you wanted it to spin some wool you had to first find someone who would sell you a fleece, or buy one from the British Wool Marketing Board… it was, and still is something of a lottery because fleeces are not always immediately recognizable as being good or bad when they are rolled up! 

Nowadays it is possible to buy small amounts of fleece either from a website or from eBay, and many people don't use raw fleece at all, but simply bye ‘tops’ which are beautifully prepared fleece, combed and The Spinning Lady in Scotlandrolled that is incredibly easy to spin into nice smooth yarn of any thickness.

Personally I am something of a traditionalist, I like to spin fresh yarn directly from the fleece, which means that it has been simply cut from the sheep and not washed or prepared in any way.Blu in window 

I find this a very easy way to spin as I love the feeling of the slightly greasy fleece running through my fingers… this sort of fleece has a particular smell which has been described to me like ‘wet dog’ but it is a smell that I have always associated with making beautiful yarn and I cannot say that I find it disagreeable.

The advantage is that gloves, hats and socks knitted from this yarn is the warmest thing you can wear...and  almost waterproof too!      the spinning lady

So this site is primarily about spinning yarn from raw unprocessed fleece, which to my mind is taking it back to its very beginnings!

Here you will find information on different sorts of fleece, how best to deal with certain aspects of this for example a very dirty fleece, or a fleece that is slightly matted, and also information on spinning wheels and perhaps helpful information to prevent you from buying a wheel that is Frances Green the spinning ladyunsuitable for you… believe me there are many of those about, particularly modern ones made by well-meaning wood turners!


I am very interested in doing demonstrations of spinning in my area, and also occasional workshops for people who wish to learn to spin in the ‘traditional’ way,


If you are interested in this, and you are in the Moray Firth area please *

contact me.

Getting ready to spin!  

Preparing to spin a very special multi toned yarn with beautiful colours!