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the spinning wheelCarding Fleece.

Carding fleece can be done in many ways and there is no great mystique about it! However it is difficult to describe with written instructions, you really need to see it done ( video clips soon to be added to this site). Simplified it is brushing out the tangles so that the wool can be spun, and because the wool is held on something solid it needs to be turned over at some stage so that the tangles on the underneath can be brushed as thoroughly as those have been on top. So basically one carder holds the wool while the other acts as a brush. Halfway through the whole thing is reversed and the other side of the wool is brushed.

Again this is another good thing to watch, because seeing it gives a far better idea than reading how to do it.

You really need a good strong apron or piece of calico on your knee to card wool, because obviously if you miss the bottom carder, the little pieces of wire will go through your clothing and possibly even your skin! It is also quite a dirty job if you are carding fleece that has not yet been washed, so you need to take this into consideration too.

Before you start always make sure that the wool is suitable for carding, that there are no great lumps of straw or whatever in it, and that the tips are not dirty and glued together!

I believe that not all fleece needs to be carded, and it seems to me to be an unnecessary step in some cases, but if you want to spin a really fine even yarn, or you wish to blend different colours together then it is very necessary.

Carding the fleece to make rollags for spinning.

cariding fleececarding2
carding7rollagbasket of rollags

             Carders these days seem to be very expensive... I have a modern pair and a very ancient pair and there is no difference really between them! I have a preference for curved Blucarders, simply I think because the first pair that I inherited were curved and I like the motion of rocking the carders whilst carding the wool but this is a very personal preference...I am told that it is still possible to buy the 'card cloth' complete with pins and make wooden carders and that this is a much cheaper option.

His Royal Highness Blu.

Like many other things this will all become clear as you have a go at it, remember to be gentle with the fleece you are stroking it not dragging it through the wire! Better to take longer and do it properly or not bother at all!

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