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Drum Carding.

I bought a drum card some years ago on eBay. It was very cheap ( that should've told me something!) But I bought it in good faith and put it away becauseDrum Carder at the time this simply wasn't the time to do anything with it.  About three years later myself and my husband got it out again to give it a test run... it was a pretty decrepit looking drum carder but then it was cheap  and all we could afford, and we thought better to spend a little money and see how much use it was to us than spend a lot and have to resell it if it wasn't.
We couldn't get it to work no matter how we tried... it simply ravelled up the fleece and didn't seem to know what we wanted it to do...after doing a bit of research on the Internet my husband came to the conclusion that whoever had made it didn't know a great deal about carding fleece and that in fact it was almost made back to front!  But my husband is very good at adapting things and rather than discard it, he spent many hours re- designing it and adding bits to it, and although it didn't look any prettier it certainly worked well!
  So we are left with a rather ugly but fully functional drum carder! Yipppiiieee!

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