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spinningbitsThe first thing to remember is not to be over awed by the fact that it is your own hand spun wool!

The second thing is not to expected it to knit up like commercially produced wool because it rarely does.

So to get the tension right and to see what sort of size it will knit up into, it is best to do a test piece. You will probably find that it is easier to crochet than to knit it to begin with. A good idea if you can is to adapt a pattern as you go on so that you are in reality creating

Spun wool gloves in the making

your own pattern for your own handmade yarn! If you are a weaver, you can create some lovely textured yarns to enhance your weaving. but remember that spinning yarn for weaving is a very different technique and too involved for here. If you search Google for 'Spinning yarn for Weaving' you will find lots of information.

 If you think that your wool is near to double knitting, then make up a test piece using whatever size needles you personally would use for double knitting and so on, it is easier to crochet because crochet itself is far easier to estimate... The main thing to remember is that this is a unique skein of wool and that no rules apply. To my mind better to realize that you are creating a unique product rather that try to conform to standard thicknesses.

It is also a good idea to pre-shrink wool that is to be used for knitting or crochet and this is easy to do at the washing stage.handspunvarious

After washing....Simply have a bucket of very cold water, and a bucket of very hot water. Plunge the skein into the hot water and swirl it about gently for a few seconds, then take it out and immediately plunge it into the very cold water and do the same.... This will make a small shrinkage but will also fluff up the wool and make it lovely for knitting.                              Frank (who can't knit at all but can 'ravel up')

Frank N Stein

Apart from that you're on your own! As it is uniquely your yarn, then it is up to you to discover the best way to knit it up and having got this far I am sure you will be able to! You could cop-out and knit a garment with commercial pure new wool, using your own hand-made yarn to enhance it for your first try, that will teach you the difference between the two!

Happy knitting!

And remember it's largely a matter of common sense. x       


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