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What to make. the spinning wheel

Knitting pinsWhat you actually make with your yarn of course is a very personal matter. Whether you are drawn to weaving (again there is a fantastic variety of loom types, some very primitive some very sophisticated itFrances Green Hand Spinner is all a matter of taste.) Or perhaps like me you are drawn to knitting and crochet.

I feel that one day I shall experiment with weaving if I can get someone to make me a Navaho style loom!

Working to a pattern can be somewhat difficult with hand-spun wool, unless your spinning is very even and it conforms with what are generally known as the commercially produced yarn sizes, such as three ply, double knitting, chunky or Aaran. If you intend to use commercial patterns then it is a good thing to experiment with the different sizes of yarn, and see how you can produce yarn that is approximate to these categories.

TheThread wool amd poins thing then as always to do a test piece to test for the tension and size before you actually begin to undertake a large garment.

I do not know of anywhere that produces patterns specifically for hand-spun wool, and it would be difficult to do so because everybody spinning is different!

There is no substitute for trial and error, starting with a small garment perhaps a waistcoat which is relatively simple, and then making notes on what sort of wool you used for it and the size that it came out.

To be honest the best way forward is to start with something very simple in a simple stitch such as stocking stitch and perhaps make a series of sample squares of different sorts of yarn that you have created and use these as a template for the future.

I Jasper on the kitchen dressertend to make up my own patterns as I go along as most people who are hand spinners do, and I do tend to keep them as simple as...

Jasper putting away the dishes!

possible particularly the stitches, because I believe that hand-spun wool is very beautiful and by keeping the garment simple you are allowing the true beauty of the natural product to shine through.Wooly sheep


If you can remember that the product you are using is very unlike anything that you can buy and has its own rules and needs, then you will not go far wrong... But you may have some rather strangely shaped garments to begin with!

My recommendation would be to start with a scarf! You simply can't go wrong with that and it will always be wearable.  Happy experimenting!


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